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Adult Player Charter

Sportsmanship on the Pitch

  1. We play hard to win but play fair and as safe as
  2. We respect our opponents: we don’t threaten, swear or make inappropriate gestures, even if provoked; are magnanimous in victory and generous and dignified in defeat.
  3. We respect and support referees on and off the pitch, acknowledging that they, like us, can make


  1. We know that our contribution to sportsmanship and the club includes entertaining visiting teams.
  2. We willingly play our part in off-the-pitch activities such as cleaning up the clubhouse, working on social events (of which we will attend at least 2 of per season) and other projects.
  3. We RESPECT the work that coaches and other volunteers do for the club and us. We volunteer to help with junior coaching etc when
  4. We pay our subscriptions (as directed by the membership sec.) and match fees on time
  5. We actively encourage parents of younger players to watch, take part in club socials and to volunteer their assistance and
  6. We help the club to recruit new players of all
  7. We promote a positive but fair view of the Club to other members and clubs and to county, league and England
  • We understand that the club will act in the best interests of all its members. If we have any questions of concerns, we raise these with our captain or another committee

Selection or availability:

  1. We recognise that we want the strongest teams each week and that we may not play in every match but we will play for the side for which we’re selected. Age will not be a hindrance in selection
  2. We can expect that our Coaches will explain in person or via a phone call (never Text Message, Email or Social Media) before the team lists are published, as to if/why we are not
  3. We give our captain and Manager maximum warning of when we are not available in order to help them and include us whenever we are available (1 week minimum notice). If less than one week we will notify via a phone call (never Text Message, Email or Social Media).

We accept that our selection for matches will be influenced by how often we go to training, how available we are (for any team selected for) and by ability.