As the year drew to a close in late September/October 2021, St Columba carried out a number of facility tidy-ups and improvements across the premises for our members and players. With huge thanks to the RFU Covid 19 – Winter Return to Rugby Grants, we grabbed our maintenance gear and members of our team pitched in and headed out onto the grounds to complete some of our routine jobs.

Along with the normal tiding up of cutting hedges, dusting and cleaning, we also completed our regular checks of the safety of tackle equipment and disposed of old and damaged equipment.

We identified that we needed to make the clubhouse more secure, therefore a new cellular wall had to be built. Armed with our power tools (who doesn’t love power tools?) we installed new, quality, security locks and fire safety bars. Accompanied with newly installed and up to date fire safety equipment, our clubhouse can now withstand the absolute heat our players bring on our next match!

We were also able to use the grant to purchase the equipment and build materials, however a number of club fantastic members stepped forward and volunteered to carry out the work for free, which allowed us to have the Health & Safety jobs completed.

As a club, we thank all the volunteers who stepped forward to carry out these jobs. Because of you doing so, rather than the funding only stretching to cover half of the jobs, our club is now fully safe and secure again and to move forward for the upcoming Spring season and we are buzzing to get back out there again, in some mild sunshine!